in the midle of an adventure 3 years ago….

“just walk and don’t forget to take a break”

i still remember that quotes, it’s have been 3 years ago, take our into the mist. Mist of adventure and full of happines. I never forget that moment, absoluttely the other man in my team journey. We try to climbed up Mount Merbabu, about 3145 masl. Time never stop as long as i want, just going so fast like my heart beat who can i hear by myself.

journey mount merbabu
don’t miss of the mist

I still remember every single time when i have an adventure with my friend or just my self alone. Likely looking for Quest in every path i took. It’s look like easy, move your foot in front of your other foot. Sometimes yo need to sit down, make your body over the ground, and listening the wind who crossover your face.


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