When i was in elementary school, every day i try to make some adventure in my little environment. walking, playing kite, looking for treasure, pick some fuit, or cycling until dawn. But every day i still can go home, and must go home. A childern have a lot of reason to come home and spend the night with family.

I grew up, try to look for another adventure in bigger environment, try to reach the sea, sleeping under the sky, hiking the top of a mountain. I am not as strong as the other adventurer, i have limitation of my strenght. When the other just walk, i need breathe, when they running, i only can breathe again :D.




Having fun with friends in outdoor activity has changed my way of life. There is a lot of reason to make an adventure in every single day. Climb up together, cooking, hiking, jumping and wait the sun shine in the mountain.

I miss them, all of them

I wish someday we can have a time to hangout together, with our family in future. Just camping and singing around the bonfire at night. Seems like a new goal in our future, just keep our comunication, and see you all in another time and place with the greater story.


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