Weekly Photo Challenge – Magic : Pasar Malam

This week, Jen H. asks us to make some magic. You can read the entire challenge post here. I search a pictrure that have a magic in my mind, then I found it.

slow speed pasar malem
a traditional market like a festival in the night


In my country, Indonesia, We call it “Pasar Malam”, traditional market in the night, but it not sale a fruit or vegetable like a market in the morning. It just a traditional entertaiment, like a carousel, Ferris wheel, or another traditional food. The favourite food is cotton candy, yeaah…. it make me think the seller have a super power to make a cloud from a spining simple box. Than the selller gathering that clouds in to a stick, that the sweetest cloud ever i taste. 😀


In response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge Magic.

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