There is something mysterious and magical about bridges. They are as if meant for stealing a kiss, walking hand in hand, watching the sunrises and sunsets. Bridges connect the banks of the river or span a valley between two cliffs. Romantic natures see a symbolic meaning behind it. Bridges can be or seem dangerous, but when you walk on them with your significant other by your side, they automatically become safe. Many bridges have their own story, so a lot of legends are circulating around some of these structures. Anyway, lovebirds are perpetually attracted to bridges. We compiled a list of bridges that are both nice to look at and provide an amazing view of the scenery.

1. The arch bridge near the Latefossen waterfall, Norway

The arch bridge near the Latefossen waterfall. From

This ancient six-arched bridge is located at the bottom of a well-known in Norway waterfall Latefossen. The stone bridge fits into the landscape as if it’s always been there. If you want to ‘take a romantic shower’, just stand on the bridge and feel the wet spray on your skin – the waterfall is quite powerful. For the best photo, walk away from the bridge so that you can see it in front of the waterfall surrounded by whitewater.

2. Rakotzbrücke or Devil’s Bridge, Saxony, Germany

Rakotzbrücke or Devil’s Bridge, Saxony. From

Rakotzbrücke is stashed in a small Rhododendronpark Kromlau in Germany, not far from the Polish border. What makes this bridge unique is that its arch is reflected on the water surface so you can see a perfect circle. It’s called the Devil’s Bridge because of its masonry structure, which was considered something supernatural, something that man’s hand can’t build. This fairytale-like spot will be a perfect one-day trip from Berlin or Dresden.

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3. Buxian Bridge, Huangshan, China

Buxian Bridge, Huangshan. From

Although the bridge is quite young – it was built in 1987 – it has an ancient and fantastic ambiance. It is nicknamed as the “Fairy Walking Bridge” and for a reason. It sits high in the mountains and spans a short chasm between two tunnels carved in rocks. You have to go a long way up to get there but the view of the pillar-like rocks covered with greenery is definitely worth it.

4. Plakidas Bridge, Central Zagori, Greece

Plakidas Bridge, Central Zagori. From

The region of the Pindus Mountains in northwestern Greece is famous for its stone bridges. One of them is Plakidas Bridge or Kalogeriko. What makes it so special? It’s a three-stringer bridge that resembles a caterpillar. Surrounded by the mountains and pristine forests, it’s a perfect place to feel the harmony with nature. Initially, it was a wooden bridge, but in 1814 a monk named Seraphim changed it to a stone one. The name Kalogeriko means “monk’s”.

5. Puente Nuevo Bridge, Ronda, Spain

Puente Nuevo Bridge, Ronda. From

Puente Nuevo literally means “New Bridge”. It was built in the 17th century in place of the one-arched collapsed bridge. You will not miss this attraction on your trip to Ronda – a really photographed Spanish city. Illumination in the evening gives the bridge additional charm.

6. Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland

Glenfinnan Viaduct. From

You might have seen this famous bridge in Harry Potter movies. It’s a 21-arched railway viaduct that can be easily reached by tourists from a parking lot. The viaduct is 380 meters long and 30 meters high. If you happen to be there in summer, you can take the Jacobite steam train that starts at Fort William, near Ben Navis, and stops at Glenfinnan on its way to Mallaig. This journey is arguably considered to be the greatest railway journey in the world as you’ll discover the breathtaking scenery around you.

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  1. absolutely agree .. beautiful and romantic bridges.
    In Indonesia there are so many romantic bridges …. jembatan cinta in some areas in Indonesia 😀

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